In House Finishes


Mirror Polishing

We offer different levels of finish depending on customer requirements. Super mirror is typically used in the high end residential sector ensuring the detail on edges and corners are maintained.

Satin / Brush Finishing

A satin finish provides a uniform linear finish that is perfect for many architectural applications where appearance is a priority.

Random Orbital

The random orbital finish is a popular choice in kitchen and island worktops. These are susceptible to being scratched but can be refinished on site giving a new appearance.

Brass Metal Antique (BMA)

Bronze metal antique finishing can be used to add a bronze patina to architectural hardware, shop fronts fixtures and fittings, historic buildings and more.


Patina is a technique that gives the impression of age to create an aesthetic result. It can also provide a protective covering for metals that may otherwise be damaged by weathering.

Powder Coating

Generally used for industrial fabrications however we do stock a wide range of bronze colours for the architectural sector.