Our In House Services

AMF Engineering Ltd were established in 2009 . Our continued investment in the latest machinery enables us to offer our customers full support through their project requirements.

Below is just a selection of the main in house services we provide ,please feel free to make contact to discuss any additional requirements you may have.




2D & 3D CAD Services

At AMF Engineering, we specialise in 2D & 3D AutoCAD drawings. The life of every job starts with CAD and is essential to aid the smooth running through production. We have 3 full time CAD technicians to service our customers requirements.

We understand that not all customers have access to CAD and are able to provide metalwork breakout drawings. Our CAD team will work closely with you and will provide metalwork breakout drawings for your approval prior to manufacture.


2D Laser Cutting

AMF Engineering provide competitive 2 D Laser cutting services to ensure precision cutting for a range of Metal sheets and Tube ( Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium , Brass and Copper)

We can work with DXF, DWG, IPG and Step files, and can provide CAD drawing services if required.  We supply laser cut profiles to multiple local companies.

Machine Spec: Ensis-3015 RI 6kW (with LST)

3000x1500 Sheet Capacity -  Aluminium, Stainless and Mild Steel to 20mm thick,  Brass to 12mm thick and Copper to 10mm thick.  


2D & 3D Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting provides high precision complex profiling, whilst maintaining the materials fundamental structure.

This technique is used to cut 'heat-affected-zone' (HAZ) metals without their core properties being damaged or changed, helping to deliver a much higher level of quality when it comes to the finished parts. 

Our investment in the latest 3D water jet technology provides us with the ability to offer exceptional precision, a high quality finish and a fast turn around at a reduced project spend. 

Spec :Twin head Cutting , Any Material , Thickness up to 200mm ,Bed size 4m x 2m


Powder Coating

Powder coating is commonly used for a range of paint application projects, applied as a free-flowing powder in dry form.

Powder coating is typically used to coat metals due to its durability, reduced environmental impact and cost effectiveness. 

We have high quality facilities for powder coating and work with a wide range of metals, providing specialist powder coating and finishing services to a range of sectors.

Spec : Box Oven 6m Long x 2.5m Wide x 2m High


Sheet Metal

Working alongside our Amada laser cutter we have 2no 7 axis press brakes which enables us to offer a fast turn round and machine flexibility. 

Machine Spec: Amada HFE 1303 MK11 - 7 Axis ,Max folding length of 3m

                            Amada HFE 5020 MK11 - 7 Axis ,Max folding length of 1.5m 



AMF Engineering manufacture and supply metal fabrications to a wide range of industries.

Our continued investment in machinery and people is key in offering a "one stop shop" to all our customers. Our aim is to try and keep all work where possible in house to minimise the risk of delays.

As you will see from our website our investment has given us a professional approach in completing your project to a high quality and on time. 


3 Axis Vertical Machining

Milling is the machining process of using rotary cutters to remove material from a piece of metal to form the piece into a specific shape. 3 Axis Milling is employed when the cutting requires simultaneous controlled movement of the X, Y and Z axes.

Machine Spec - Bridgeport VMC 600 +22


CNC Turning with Bar Feeder

Turning is a machining process used to make cylindrical parts, where the cutting tool moves in a linear fashion while the work piece rotates. Commonly performed with a lathe, turning reduces the diameter of a work piece, typically to a specified dimension, and produces a smooth part finish.  Our turning centre can also perform a variety of milling and drilling operations.

Machine Spec - Mazak SQT 200 MSY , Bar Feeder , Sub-Spindle , Live Tooling